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Alex Bolewski served four years in the Marine Corps and was honorably discharged in November 2014. He deployed one time and spent part of his enlistment competing with the USMC Shooting Team in Quantico VA. When he left active duty, he moved to Tennessee to be closer to his girlfriend Molly, after she graduated from Belmont University. He began his Mobile Welding business for a year before teaming up with Rob to form V&B Concepts, Inc. 

Robert Voight

​ Operated

Sergeant Robert Voight and Corporal Alex Bolewski served together in the United States Marine Corps, where they met in 2011. Although they  were on different deployments, staying in touch throughout their respective four-year enlistments allowed them to come to the realization that they had the same goals set for life after the Marine Corps.

​They decided to team up in 2016, and after months of preparation, pulled the trigger and opened the doors of V&B Concepts, Incorporated in July of 2016. 

The two owners of V&B Concepts share the same vision of where they want to take this enterprise, offering the ultimate A to Z customer experience, while adding value, beauty,  security, and convenience to your home or business. Along with complete service for custom gates and other various securities, we offer complete mobile welding service in the Greater Nashville area.

  • Robert Voight was a Sergeant in the Marine Corps (served Honorably for 4 years) and Deployed to Afghanistan for a year.
  • Upon completion of service, he went into Home Remodeling and Home Additions. He is an experienced Construction Foreman in various different trades and also has experience in Garage Door services. 
  • Robert Voight is Married to his lovely Wife Vanissa. 
  • In his free time, he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and snowboarding.

Alex Bolewski

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